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We are nature 

"We are all nature, part of something bigger than ourselves." 

-Karen Hvinden


The inspiration and drive behind “Karen Hvinden jewellery”, is the beauty of nature in form and colour. Karen also sees her jewellery as ritual pieces bringing us closer to nature, in the noisy, busy everyday life many of us experience today.


Historically, the surroundings are an inspiration in Karen’s works, living by the Randsfjord lake, where the Viking ships with kings like Halvdan Svarte and Olav Tryggvason frequented. There are also findings in the area from even earlier cultures, in times where human lives were closer to nature. 


Karen is educated at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, where she completed a BA and a MA at the department of Metal. 


Karen works full time in her workshop in Røykenvik, surrounded by beautiful Nordic nature. Visitors are welcome. (Please make an appointment before visiting.)

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